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How much does it cost?

I work on a fixed fee basis for the majority of cases. This is determined by reference to the duration of the mediation. If the participants require me to undertake reading beyond 250 pages, then I will charge an additional fee. Generally speaking, mediation is substantially cheaper than litigation.

Where does it take place?

Wherever you like. I am able to travel across the United Kingdom and will happily deliver online mediation via Zoom or similar. I am also able to accommodate mediation sessions at my Chambers in Leicester.

Can you suggest a solution?

As a facilitative mediator, it is my role to assist the participants engage in a discussion and construct their own settlement. The participants are best-placed to fashion their own solution but I will assist the process by exploring interests and common ground.

Will you evaluate our respective cases?

I am trained in facilitative mediation. I will not comment on the merits of the participants' respective cases nor will I give advice.

What is the process? How does it actually work?

Mediation is a very flexible process and it should be emphasised that the order of play is very much in the hands of the participants. That being said, many mediations will be comprised of both open sessions (in which all participants, legal representatives and the mediator are present) and private sessions (in which only one participant and their legal representative(s) are present).

Is it confidential?

Yes. I require all participants, legal representatives and observers to agree to mediate in accordance with the terms of my mediation agreement. As standard, this mediation agreement includes a confidentiality provision.

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